Death of the iPod Classic?

Remember back in 2001, when 5GB of storage for $399 was a huge deal? Well, that was the 1st generation iPod Classic, the very first one that started the whole iPod product line. Now, the Classic offers 160GB for $249. A lot has changed.

But the Classic hasn’t had an upgrade since 2009. While 160GB is still quite a lot, Apple could offer much more storage for the same price with today’s technology.

What got me worried was that Apple didn’t release an update to the Classic during their keynote last fall. They introduced the Lightning connector as the new standard for charging by swiftly replacing old 30-pin connectors on the iPod Touch, Nano, and iPad. The iPod Classic was left out of the party.┬áIf Apple had more plans for the Classic, they would have at least updated the cable, even if they were happy with the current model.

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