How to print from your smartphone to any Wi-Fi printer

I own a Wi-Fi enabled printer. I’ve always wanted to print content directly from my smartphone or tablet. The only thing is that, well, my printer doesn’t support AirPrint or Google Cloud Print out of the box. I’ve tried a bunch of apps for both iOS and Android, but all of them are unintuitive, don’t work, or cost money. Recently, I’ve found a solution to all that. It’s actually an added feature to Google Cloud Print, and it’s still in beta. It works even if your printer isn’t “Cloud Ready” as Google calls it. Here it is…

Before we start, make sure that you’re signed into your Google account on the Chrome browser. (Yes, we’re using Chrome)

Then, click the button with three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the window. Select “Settings” from the drop down. (Or do the keyboard shortcut CMD+, for the same page)


Once in Settings, at the very bottom you’ll see “Show advanced settings…”. Click on that, and it’ll reveal a ton of options.


Click “Add printers”, and you’ll be taken to a page with a list of printers connected to the computer. Select the ones you want, and press “Add printer(s)”.


You’re all done! Now, when you go to Settings on Google Chrome for your mobile device, you’ll see a “Print…” option. You can select either AirPrint or Google Cloud Print. You want the latter. You can get a full list of all the printers you just connected to Chrome. It even lets you change the number of copies and paper size.


This feature is still in beta, but so far I haven’t had any problems with it. With a tablet, switching between mobile and desktop versions of sites could possibly make a difference, but I have yet to check that out.

The great thing about this is that it’s a Google feature, so it can be accessed from any platform. If all of this had been for AirPrint, it would have been exclusive to the iPhone/iPad.


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